Brides and Grooms: You’re about to save thousands of dollars.

Use the power of modern smartphones to capture beautiful behind-the-scenes video your wedding guests will be shooting anyway. Everyone can still enjoy your day; we just need a few seconds of video from a few guests. Leave the hard stuff to skilled editors on your hard drive in the sky.  

Your friends and family shoot with their cameraphones, and BlushDrop creates a beautiful hand-crafted montage.

It’s the wedding video you never knew you had.™

BlushDrop Wedding Video was recognized in The Knot for being a top choice for tech-savvy brides

The Wedding Planner Podcast devoted an entire episode to saving money with BlushDrop. (There may be a coupon code in the show **hint **hint.)

By not paying for an on site videographer, you save thousands. A typical BlushDrop wedding video is only $349. You’re probably looking at quotes from videographers for up to $4000. Crazy, right?

No app or password for your guests. Purchase a BlushDrop for $39 and receive a URL where your friends and family can upload as much video as they want at no cost to them. Pay for editing later. 
Save even more by pre-paying 10 minutes of raw footage for $349, which gets you a BlushDrop URL account for free and a professionally edited 3-4 minute movie trailer montage set to beautiful music. Extra minutes of raw footage are only $10/minute. 
Works great with destination weddings! Forget paying for local upgrades, or flying down your local crew. Ask friends on the beach to shoot small video clips on their phones and upload next time they’re on Wifi.
We love unplugged ceremonies! Phones come out at the reception and everyone has a story to tell about your beautiful day. We provide FREE table card templates with your unique BlushDrop URL where guests can just drag and drop video clips, like special greetings between dinner courses.
Looking for the perfect wedding gift? You just found it! A unique and cherished BlushDrop wedding video is just a few hundred dollars and will be loved by everyone after the Big Day.
Stop dreaming and take ‘videography’ off your wedding wish list.
Our most popular package is only $349 which includes editing of up to 10 minutes of raw footage and a FREE BlushDrop account.
Not sure if BlushDrop is right? Just get a BlushDrop account for $39. You receive unlimited storage of unlimited videos. Just pay for editing later.


TIP: Use your #hashtag as your BlushDrop username when ordering to tie in your entire social media gameplan. We got your back!