It’s the wedding video you never knew you had.™

BlushDrop is a service for brides and grooms that does two very important things: securely and safely storing unlimited raw video clips shot by family and friends, then creating a keepsake edited montage from that raw footage.

Your guests shoot video clips, upload them at no cost to them, and you receive a beautifully edited wedding video movie trailer created by talented professional wedding video editors.

Below is a sample of what a typical BlushDrop with 10 minutes of raw footage looks like. This BlushDrop wedding video montage cost under $400!

No special cameras. No shipping. No apps. We don’t even ask for your guests to create an account! After you buy a BlushDrop for $39 (all prices in USD) your guests can upload as much video as they want for free. The proposal. The engagement parties. The wedding. The honeymoon. Upload it all!

After your wedding, you purchase an editors’ package based on how much footage you approve. Edit packages start at $349 for up to 10 minutes of raw footage. 

Then we create a hand-crafted 2-3 minute movie trailer of your entire wedding story. Not just the wedding day. The more footage they upload for free, the more unique your BlushDrop becomes. 

Prepay 10 minutes of raw footage including the price of the BlushDrop for $349. Extra minutes are just $10 per minute and you have control over what gets sent to your BlushDrop editor. 

Future weddings …. Weddings that already happened … Gift purchase

… these are all great things that you can capture and we can edit with a BlushDrop account.

BlushDrop Fees (all prices in USD)

Starter account URL: $39

You receive a personalized BlushDrop link (URL) that your friends and family will use to upload their videos. Uploading is free and doesn’t require any app or password or login. Pay for editing later.

Most Popular: Base Edit Package: $349

10 minutes of raw footage. For many weddings, this may be enough! This includes a free BlushDrop account (valued at $39). Makes a great gift.

Extra raw (unedited) video over the included 10 minutes

$10 per minute.


You have complete control over the fee.

You aren’t billed for the extra minutes until you’ve had a chance to pre-edit the clips.

Only submit and pay for clips you’re happy with.

Example: you upload 40 minutes of raw video.
The first 10 minutes are included with the $349 Base Edit Package.
The additional 30 minutes adds $300 to your bill.
The total cost for 40 minutes is $649.

What do I Get?

You will receive a 2-3 minute montage of your day generally in chronological order with only the best video clips edited into the mix.

The more footage you provide the more we can give you. It’s set to royalty-free music that you choose that’s completely legal and you’re free to share on YouTube and Facebook.

You’re in complete control.


We believe you’ll be thrilled with the quality of our work. If you’re not satisfied with the money you’ve saved and the memories you’ve captured, we’ll refund your raw footage fee minus $39. And you get to keep your raw video footage.

Let’s Do This


create an account, and buy a BlushDrop for $39 and pay for editing later or save the BlushDrop fee and get a gift BlushDrop including 10 minute of raw footage for $349. We’ll email you a link to your own private BlushDrop space and access to our support email.

Upload, or have your guests upload, all the video you want. You aren’t charged for the amount you upload. You’re only charged when you’re ready to edit, after the files have been uploaded and approved by you. If you have less than 10 minutes, then the base edit package of $349 applies.

In just a few weeks you’ll receive your hand crafted montage, just like the ones you see on our YouTube page.

If you ordered optional BluRays, they’ll be shipped to your home once you approve the proof you download.

You also have the option of purchasing a USB Flash Drive shipped back to you with all of your raw footage.