Base Editing Package


NEW: pre-pay this base edit package and get your BlushDrop account for free!

Otherwise, purchase a BlushDrop account now for $39, then purchase this edit package after your wedding once you’ve had a chance to review your footage.

This base edit package is non-refundable.


Up to 10 minutes of raw footage and royalty-free music is included. Price includes royalty free music.

We use this 10 minutes of raw footage to create your 2-3 minute montage.

BlushDrop editors have been editing wedding montages for 15 years. You’re hiring the best editors in the business to edit the video from your friend and families smartphones. 

If you upload more than 10 minutes, the BlushDrop system will automatically tally up the total, based on $10 per minute of raw footage. You can see the total in your BlushDrop Dashboard.

If you decide that you don’t want a BlushDrop, you don’t owe anything more.