Get Started with a BlushDrop URL


This is where the magic begins!

What do you get for $39USD? Everything you need to get started!

You’ll receive a custom BlushDrop link based on your username. Once you have this link: share it! Make sure everyone knows about it. Print it on your placesettings! Ask the DJ to call it out between sets. Unlimited users can upload unlimited video for free once you have your BlushDrop. Then, later you choose how much you want to send to BlushDrop to create your keepsake wedding montage. Our system will help you with the pricing and give you a chance to download and delete clips. We have a FAQ to help!


Everyone needs this to start.

You’ll receive your own BlushDrop you can share with everyone, and upload unlimited video from unlimited sources, for free.

Below is an example of a real BlushDrop that came in just under 10 minutes of raw footage. So the original BlushDrop at $39 plus the starter edit package $349 is all this would have cost.

Once you’re all done uploading your video, you’ll receive a private login and password so you can see your BlushDrop videos then submit the order and final payment to your BlushDrop editors. Ten minutes of raw footage with music is $349. Additional minutes are just $10 per minute. The system will calculate your total for you automatically. You’ll have a chance to delete clips you don’t want, to save editing cost.


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