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April 05, 2018. PETERBOROUGH ON – Technology startup BlushDrop Wedding Video, founded by award-winning entrepreneur Rick Dolishny, will pitch to the Dragon’s this April, and potentially air on CBC this fall. BlushDrop gives newlyweds control over their wedding video costs and the memories they cherish, using video clips from their guests’ phones.

BlushDrop won first place in the Innovation Stream at Peterborough’s 2016 Bears’ Lair competition, and has participated in various bridal shows across North America.

A 20-year veteran of the video business, Dolishny created BlushDrop as a solution to a common problem in wedding videography. “With traditional full-service wedding videography, there are two reasons we turn away 70% of my potential customers”, says Dolishny. “Local videographers like us are either sold out, or we’re too expensive. BlushDrop never sells out, and starts at just a few hundred dollars.”

On average, a wedding can cost over $40,000, and videography alone can run upwards of $3000, creating very expensive weddings for 2.3 million North American newlyweds every year.

Dragons’ Den is a dream come true, not just for me, but for the entire BlushDrop team and couples everywhere,” says Dolishny. “Brides and grooms crave ways to leverage technology to help them with their wedding planning. Just look at the success of social media like Pinterest and Instagram,” he said. “BlushDrop makes a modern wedding a success by preserving video in a thoughtful and affordable way.”

Smartphone users drag and drop video footage into an interface that is fun and easy to use. Then, the BlushDrop team creates a beautifully edited movie from the content. A BlushDrop is purchased online by the bride and groom, or as a gift from friends and family.

The BlushDrop platform is compatible with Apple and Android devices, which provides safe and secure storage of unlimited video content, plus a direct connection to the best wedding video editing team on the planet.

BlushDrop customers span as far as the Middle East, Brazil, Mexico and all across America.

“We just edited a honeymoon from Antarctica, with video shot on smartphones, of course,” recalled Dolishny. “There’s no wedding video like a BlushDrop!”



Rick Dolishny
BlushDrop, Inc.

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About BlushDrop Wedding Video

We created award-winning BlushDrop to create beautiful wedding videos shot around the world! Now, whether your wedding is in Texas or Tasmania, you’ve got wedding videography covered!

Your friends do the shooting on their phones. Don’t ask them to install an app … because there isn’t any. Just drag and drop footage from their phones to your BlushDrop website at no cost to them.

Pre-paid wedding videos start at just $349. Imagine, a wedding video for most brides is just $349! Stop dreaming and sign up today and take ‘videography’ off your wedding wish list.

Not sure if BlushDrop is right? Just get a BlushDrop account for $39 and pay for editing later.

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