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Rick Dolishny Assumption College

In the summer of 1984, at the age of 16, BlushDrop founder Rick Dolishny video taped his french teacher’s wedding ceremony in Windsor, Ontario.  He then proceeded to record over the ceremony with the reception.

This ended his wedding cinema career for over 20 years.

Despite that setback, he built a successful career in the entertainment, television and film industry.

Then and Now

Having worked for some of the biggest networks in Canada (CTV, Global, Discovery and more) and for some of the top brands in the business, he realized he really enjoys doing what he does for ad executives and TV producers… but also for real people.

Like you!

So he created a brand new full-service wedding cinema company Blush Wedding Films in 2002 serving the Greater Toronto Area successfully delivering hundreds of short wedding films for brides.

But he wanted to service more customers and couldn’t, due to the short wedding season in Canada. And when a weekend sold out, he had to turn away potential customers.

Then there was the ‘shoebox full of tapes’ – wedding videos shot by well-intentioned family and friends, but was stuck (sometimes for years) in a box waiting for an editor to put it all together.

Rick accepted dozens of shoeboxes full of tapes and created keepsake DVDs for families to cherish forever.

But it wasn’t until his father passed away and he was rummaging through old cases of stuff when he came across a box of film. He set up a projector to transfer the footage to DVD. Imagine his surprise when he came across 25 seconds of his parent’s wedding from the 60’s.

This was a small miracle, and his mother hadn’t seen the footage.

Now flash forward 50 years. People are shooting 25 second clips all day at a wedding using their phones … but that footage is destined to a digital shoe-box, never to be seen together. Until now!

Introducing BlushDrop

The first version of BlushDrop was rough around the edges, but the dream of being able to accept people’s ‘shoebox full of digital video’ expanded globally. There’s no app to install. It’s just drag and drop. You can shoot on a GoPro, iPhone or even that uncle’s BlackBerry.


BlushDrop was nominated for a local Shark-Tank styled event called Bears’ Lair. He qualified for the top six, then won the grand prize in the Innovation stream.

Rick Dolishny and the cheque

Press and accolades followed, but Rick set to work with his growing team to refine this bootstrapped quirky web application a thing of beauty.


Then BlushDrop 2.0 was launched. We’ve sold BlushDrop packages to brides and grooms in all US states, Canadian provinces, and across the globe.

The BlushDrop Team.

We can’t wait to see the footage that comes to us next.

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