About BlushDrop

BlushDrop was created by Rick Dolishny, a veteran of the wedding cinema business. Rick grew frustrated with the fact that more and more camera phones and tablets were shooting excellent quality video, but that he didn’t have access to the footage.


So, he built a solution. BlushDrop was nominated for a local Shark-Tank styled event called Bears’ Lair. Here, he qualified for the top six, then won the grand prize in the Innovation stream.

Rick Dolishny and the cheque

Press and accolades followed, but Rick set to work the very next day with local graphic designer and developer to make his bootstrapped quirky web application a thing of beauty.


Thus, in the summer of 2016, BlushDrop 2.0 is launched. We’ve already sold BlushDrop packages to brides and grooms in Utah, Germany, Toronto, New York City,  Florida and beyond. We can’t wait to see the footage that comes to us next.